List of books issued by "Variant AB" and the "Agriculture" foundation

"USA: Farms and farmers", author Hristo Mermerski, year of issue - 1991, 152 p., University Publishing House "St. Kliment Ohridski ", Interuniversity, Variant AB.

"Master Farmer or how to manage small farms", author Bruce Lansdeyl, year of issue - 1992, 195 p., Foundation "Agriculture".

"Alternative schools experience with pedagogical utopia" author Dietmar Rose, year of issue - 1992, 144 p., Foundation "Agriculture".

"Private farms and cooperatives", authors John Lutsov, Lyudmil Petkov, year of issue - 1993, 70 p., Foundation "Agriculture".

"Agrarian reform & agricultural organizations", writers Monika Hristova, Spartak Keremidchiev, Todor Popov, Miroslava Georgieva, year of issue - 1993, 120 p., Foundation "Agriculture".

"Practical Guide for crop for farmers", author Professor. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, year of issue - 1993, 88 p., Foundation "Agriculture".

"A successful dairy farm", author Kostadin Zhelev, year of issue - 1995, 92 p., Foundation "Agriculture".

"Fundamentals of livestock", author Kostadin Zhelev, year of issue - 1998, 184 p., Foundation "Agriculture".

"Economic environment for agribusiness in Bulgaria", authors Lyudmil Petkov Nikola Valchev, year of issue - 2003, 270 p., Foundation "Agriculture".