Razvitie Corporation has always been an active sponsor and initiator of various community initiatives. Dr.Alexander Alexandrov is a long time philanthropist whose activities have a clear impact in various spheres of public life – youth, disadvantaged children, sports, culture, history.

Back in 1998 Razvitie Corporation founded the first contest for contemporary unpublished novel “Razvitie”. The contest became one of the most prestigious literature competitions with participation of new and already well-known Bulgarian authors.
Thanks to the publishing activity of Razvitie Corporation, many participants in the contest saw their books published and subsequently won other national and European literature awards.
The latest is the novel “The Crack-up Island” by Ina Vultchanova who won the “Razvitie” literature contest in 2016, and was awarded with the European Union Literature Prize in 2017.


Another major philanthropist initiative of Razvitie Corporation and Dr Alexandrov in particular is the movement “Children teach children to do good deeds”. The initiative multiplies the effect of engagement in voluntary work and care for the most deprived by a scheme where children train other children to be involved in community work and to spread the values of social engagement.

The focus of the corporate social responsibility of Razvitie Corporation is the support of the children involvement in sports. For the season 2016/2017 Razvitie Corporation was the official sponsor of the scouts’ volleyball league with the participation of more than 1200 children. The corporation is among the major sponsors of sports for children, working on many occasions with the Ministry of Sports and Youth, municipalities and other partners. The Foundation “Play with Razvitie” was established in 2017 to support various sports activities, including among children from disadvantaged communities.