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Variant – ABV Jsc.
Insurance broker
License from CFV

About Variant – ABV

Variant-ABV Jsc. is insurance broke, who has contracts with licensed insurance companies. You compare the offers of the leading insurance companies, insure at best prices and use all concessions to insurance companies.

Our partners are: Bulstrad, DZI, Armeec, Lev Ins, Allianz-Bulgaria, Bulins, Generalli, OZK and others.

Variant-ABV provides timely support and assistance with insurance event until rightful damages due.

Types of insurance: Third party liability, Casco, Home and property insurance, Liability insurance, Life and accident insurance.

We believe that a good broker should be close to its customers by enabling them to choose the best products of leading insurance companies.

Types of insurance:

Car insurance Car insurance
  • Third party liability
  • Autocasco
  • Accident places
  • Autoassistance
Property insurance Property insurance
  • Home property
  • Industrial Fire
Life insurances Life insurances
  • Risk
  • Savings
  • Children
  • Investment
  • Health


Sofia, 40 “Bratya Bukston” Blvd.
Phone: 02/ 930 55 67

Varna, 23-25 “G.S. Rakovski” Str.
Phone: 052/ 60 15 94