National literary competition „Razvitie“

Model home

Model home


Author: Vanya Shtereva
Published: 2005
Pages: 279

"A novel about a generation growth with adventure books, with the limping game, with cones, with good old pieces, chewing gum" Ideal"and waffles. A generation that has seen everything and nothing. Inside there are at least a few plot for a movie a couple of plays, there is a lot of silence - indeed poetry. It was written without regard to anyone or anything. And therefore can be read both erudite and for postmen and fitters old clunkers, but charming in its sincerity.

It is delicious. In it you can come up with their stories, to remember, to dream."

Elin Rahnev

"This is not a book but a toilet in the girls' soul. Who would not want to gape at a cloth changing...?

The only thing missing in the "model home" is a telephone directory characters. You will see that there are some who will really wanted to call...

Lyuben Dilov Jr. (son)

Subsequently, the book won the prize of „Razvitie” for best selling novel of all issued to that moment books.

In 2014 Vanya Shtereva issued the fifth edition with additions "Model home. Ten years later”. For corporation „Razvitie” was a pleasure to be one of the sponsors of this book.

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