National literary competition „Razvitie“

Ex oriente lux. Ferdinand and dream of Constantinople

Ex oriente lux. Ferdinand and dream of Constantinople

Big prize

Author: Stefan Bakardzhiev
Published: 2010
Pages: 512

"Ex oriente lux" is a historical novel - chronicle of the most dramatic attempt to be realized fully the ideal of national unity.

Newly elected Prince Ferdinand sees in the universal ideal of a common homeland of the Bulgarians the opportunity to fulfill its ambitious mission: to be a worthy descendant of his great relatives - French kings. Small Bulgaria has to bear the burden of it is preparing a new "crusade" - until June 16, 1913, when a big effort tolerate crash in a clash with the plans of the Great Powers.

The novel traces the dramatic detail interweaving of sacred pursuit of national unity and the new, modern on the eve of World War I messianic ideas, turned their backs on the mind of the Enlightenment.

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