On behalf of the recommendation by “Razvitie”, “Mussala” presented its activity in front of the business leader forum

On behalf of the recommendation by “Razvitie”, “Mussala” presented its activity in front of the business leader forum


The Bulgarian business leader forum carried out their traditional networking cocktail under the name of “New Leaders”. In Grand Hotel in Sofia, the companies gathered united by BBLF, in front of whom, the new participants in the union were promoted.

The event was an occasion for Alexander Alexandrov, head manager of “Razvitie” Corp. – and honorary participant of the Forum, to present “Mussals Insurance Broker” Ltd., one of the fastest growing Bulgarian insurance brokers. The two firms are in close partnership and this cooperation will soon conclude with the creation of a juridical document. Under the recommendation of “Razvitie”, “Mussala” was also a general sponsor of the event, together with “British American Tobacco”.

The majority owner of “Mussala”, Nikolay Chernev, greeted the participants in the cocktail, presenting the activity and the development of the insurance broker.

Chernev pointed out that above all BBLF is established as a standard for responsible and ethical business, which has incorporated the principles of robust and reliable development.

In his words everyone benefits from Bulgarian entrepreneurs to be successful, innovative and growing. To be integrated in the developed economies and to use the opportunities, presented to us by the European Union. This is achievable if we are sticking to the principles brought to us by BBLF – ethics and responsibility towards the society, Nikolay Chernev is convinced.

He pointed out that, 10 years after its creation “Mussala Insurance broker” is now one of the 10 biggest insurance brokers in Bulgaria with income for 2017 reaching 35 million Bulgarian Leva. For the company work more than 300 insurance employees in more than 120 offices in the whole country.

The management’s priority now is to grant excellent preparation, professionalism and information to the insurance experts of “Mussala” for the newest breakthroughs in the law and the insurance practice.

It was pointed out, that “Mussala” offers all kinds of insurance and works with all insurance companies on the Bulgarian market, as well as leading foreign insurers. This gives it the opportunity to offer the best probucts, which most closely respond to the client’s needs, with the best possible prices and conditions. “We are absolute leaders in Bulgaria with some niche types of insurance, for example insurance of yachts and other sea vessels, and insurance of drones”, Chernev pointed out.

In his words, however, the most priceless part of “Mussala insurance broker” is the fact, that it has established a network of more than 100 000 clients – physical and judicial. For the company, the main principles are the loyalty, the professionalism and the precision, with which it attracts and more importantly – holds its clients.

Nikolay Chernev also presented the recent plans of “Mussala”, which include the expansion of its influence and presence in Sofia and other large towns, which aims closer relationships between them and their clients and partners. The large experience of the company in the development of the online insurance also eases their clients.

In conclusion, Nikolay Chernev assured everyone from the BBLF, present, that in the face of “Mussala Insurance Broker” they will find a competent and experienced partner, who is ready to propose the best solution to specific needs, and who puts good reputation and long-lasting partnership as a most important priority.

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