The special book by “Razvitie” in 2018

The special book by “Razvitie” in 2018


2018 is undoubtedly the year of the novel for corporation “Razvitie” and its literature competition with the same name. On the Sofia book festival, which started on the 11-th of December, “Razvitie” will greet the visitors on its stand with eight new novels.

There was a lot of noise around the seven winners of the jubilee literature competition recently. In the year however, the “cherry on the top” showed itself. It is called “Love stories from the Babylonian Library” – English translation of Prof. Valeri Stephanov’s book “Любовни истории от Вавилонската библиотека”

“Razvitie” Corporation, and the level of the text were enough to persuade and provoke one of our most established and honored translators, Angela Rodel, to do the translation. When we add the design of the book to the perfect work done by the translator, we can say that the release is absolutely deserved by the ambition of the text and the name of its author.

In Love Stories from the Babylonian Library, the biblical tale of Bathsheba and David is retold through the idiom and worldview of six of the 20th century’s great writers: Jaroslav Hašek, Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, Andrey Platonov, J.D. Salinger and Robert M. Pirsig.

The fate of this book will be special. By the releaser’s wish, who is also the author of the idea for the translation – Alexander Alexandrov – CEO of “Razvitie”, part of the release will be gifted during our national diplomatic missions throughout the world. The aim? Popularizing the “high” Bulgarian literature, in this case – a fine text from an established Bulgarian literary historian.

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