Ivan Vutzov is gone. A deep bow to his memory

Ivan Vutzov is gone. A deep bow to his memory


The “Razvitie” corporation offers its most sincere condolences to the relatives of Ivan Vutsov in connection with his death.

We agree with the definition of the Bulgarian Football Union that Vutsov is among the most fundamental personalities on our football scene. And he is also a very significant figure in our sport, with his ideas and perceptions about its development, and above all his attention and efforts towards the children's and adolescent sport.

It is a great honor for us that Ivan Vutsov was a long-term partner and friend of “Razvitie”. We have often crossed paths with him, due to important activities in the name of the sport and the football.

As the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Football Union, Vutsov created, together with Alexander Alexandrov, the then Chairman of the Football Union for Children's Football Association, the first fund for raising capital for support of children's and teen football.

After years, Ivan Vutsov accepted the invitation of “Razvite” to release his CV, which was to be published in the “Topspoists” series – one of the projects of the corporation. This is how “Truths about the life and the football” appeared, a book created by Vutsov and co-written with the sports journalist Edward Papazyan. After theat a tour around the country to present the book, followed, which became an event for fans of the football. In addition to the authors and the publisher Alexander Alexandrov, the meeting with the readers was also typically included the then president of the Bulgarian Football Union, Ivan Slavkov-Bateto.

Ivan Vutsov devoted all his experience, energy and knowledge to the development of our football and will undoubtedly remain in the golden pages of the Bulgarian sport.

We bow to his memory.

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