2018-th – an year of key discoveries and a huge activity, reports EIRI

2018-th – an year of key discoveries and a huge activity, reports EIRI


The “Economics and International Relations Institute” (EIRI) has had a very active year. The 2018-th was full of events - conferences, round table discussions and others - organized by the Institute covering a very wide range of topics.

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the Media in Southeastern Europe, the Balkan Situation and the Bulgarian role in the processes, the state of the EU - budget, values, rule of law, are part of the issues discussed during the events organized by EIRI. Traditional partners of the institute are the “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation, as well as the Bulgarian academic community.

Some of the EIRI's research has sparked a serious institutional and public response, including the "Free Movement of Workers in the EU and its Effects on the Bulgarian Economy," based on a poll by the “Sova Harris” sociological agency commissioned by EIRI and “Friedrich Ebert”. The debate, which is attended by Vice President Iliyana Yotova and a number of former ministers, outlined a comprehensive program with the directions for real state policies on the issue. There is also a booklet issued by the EIRI.

A key topic of relevance was the Round Table discussion: “Balkan Islam - a Barrier or a Bridge for Radicalization?, which also sparked the idea for a book that collected the reports of Prof. Iskra Baeva, Dr. Biser Banchev, Ljubcho Neshkov, Dr. Lyubomir Kyuchukov, Petar Vodenski, Dr. Bobby Bobev, Ljubcho Troharov. The aim of the study is to make a political assessment, about the role of local Islamic communities in the Balkans, to analyze the trends among them in the different countries as well as the risks of radicalization and external intervention. In addition to their own projects, representatives from EIRI have participated in dozens of events organized by other NGO’s and institutions. Nearly 200 are the visits of experts from the institute to TV studios, press publications, and online media.

Activity and level of events in 2018-th confirmed the authority of the institute as a leading non-governmental organization on a number of topics important for the country's economic, social and political development.

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