A farewell to Stilko

A farewell to Stilko


Stilian has died. The 13-year-old talented basketball player from Sliven. For all, however, he was Stilko - the boy who was struggling with a severe and rare illness. Whose family, with its power, will, and affiliation, emitted a huge positive energy that triggered an unprecedented donation campaign.

In Sliven, Sofia and other cities, small and large, Athletes, Stilko's peers helped for him to heal. “Razvitie” has been actively involved, because good things are most valuable at such times.

Stilian and his family were guests in the office of the corporation, and among the VIP guests of one of the “Nights of Stars” by Encho Keryazov. We all hoped we even believed the disease would be defeated and he would return to the basketball court with his friends and teammates.

Alas, fate always decides last. It is hard to fully describe feelings at this time. But the truth is that Stilian and his family made many become a little bit better, more compassionate and faithful. This is never forgotten.

“Razvitie” Corporation expresses its sincere and deepest condolences to Stilko's family, relatives and friends.

Rest in peace!

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