Mari Vrina is translating Baichev's novel "The Clay King"

Mari Vrina is translating Baichev's novel "The Clay King"


A great success was achieved by Dobromir Baychev, his novel “The Clay King” and the “Razvitie” Contest.

After winning the Grand Prize of “Razvitie” in 2018, Bajchev left a significant trace of the first edition of the “Dimitar Dimov” Contest, held within the framework of the "VarnaLit" Literary Festival.

Although he did not win the “Dimitar Dimov” Prize, which went to the French writer Jerome Ferrari for his novel "Sermon on the Fall of Rome". Regardless, the only Bulgarian title among the five nominees, "The Clay King," impressed the jury of the competition.

This was made clear by the words of one of the great literary authorities in Europe and a member of the jury in Varna - the translator Marie Vrina. She shared how Baichev's text caught her right after the first reading.

Even though only one award was givenduring the “Dimitar Dimov” Competition, "The Clay King" was also rewarded, as Marie Vrinna announced that she was involved with its translation. And that means that Baychev's novel has every chance of going to one of the most prestigious literature markets in the world - the French one.

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