The team of “Razvitie” gathered for a jubilee

The team of “Razvitie” gathered for a jubilee


An exquisite celebration in the Hall of “Razvitie” Corporation marked the 70th anniversary of Alexander Alexandrov –the CEO of the corporation.

He had invited the whole “Razvitie” team, as well as many of his previous collaborators, who kept their friendly memories and emotions.

The celebration contained all the "attributes" of a great birthday celebration. Words, greetings, flowers and gifts, music and impressive cake.

Regardless of the fact that this was his birthday, the prominent donor and patron – Alexandrov, wished that instead of gifts the funds be donated to the charity he crated, nevertheless he also received many gifts.

The invitees, however, were also surprised by the jubilee who overturned the notions of the traditional birthday celebration and handed gifts to each guest himself.

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