Maritsa (Plovdiv) shared a championship season with "Razvitie"

Maritsa (Plovdiv) shared a championship season with "Razvitie"


Alexander Aleksandrov, CEO of “Razvitie”, became part of the Maritsa Volleyball Championship (Plovdiv).

Dominant in recent years of the national championship, Marinchans have played a memorable season in the Champions League where they played with some of the strongest teams on the continent.

As a sign of gratitude for the years of support and mutual cooperation between "Maritza" and "Razvitie", the manager of the Plovdiv team Boris Halachev visited the office of the corporation and handed to Alexandrov several valuable gifts - ball with the autographs of the champions, framed photo from the last match - with the leadership and sponsors, and perhaps the most valuable gift - a gold medal from the set that the team received for their second championship title in Bulgaria.

It became clear that Maritza is already on the prestigious 14th place in the rankings in Europe, and that it again qualifies directly for the groups of the upcoming Champions League.

Alexandrov wished to the club president Ilia Dinkov and Halachev have successful transfer months and to the team as a whole, a consecutive championship season and new victories in Europe.

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