"Razvitie" is a guest in a large hanball jubilee

"Razvitie" is a guest in a large hanball jubilee


Corporation "Razvitie" and CEO - Alexander Alexandrov, continue their support for the development of the Bulgarian handball.

For the second year, the corporation is committed to the revival of this sport in our country, and especially to its children and youth national teams. But as nationals build up in club teams, "Razvitie" also shows its respect for club teams, their leaders and coaches.

Confirmation of this is the visit of Alexandrov to the 20th anniversary of "Buki" Handball Club in Gabrovo. Created by the legend of the native handball, Rositsa Bakardzhieva, the club has for two decades defended the quality of the handball game and shows what is needed for the sport to have a good future.

"Razvitie" demonstrates its respect and recognition for the work of Rositsa and her club, not only with the presence of Alexandrov, but also with a specially crafted plaque whose message clearly shows the confidence of the corporation for the next 20 successful years of the club.

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