With a concern for our beach soccer nationals

With a concern for our beach soccer nationals


As part of its support for Bulgarian sport, Corporation "Razvitie" has been directly involved with the last three very successful years for the Bulgarian national beach soccer team. Financially and emotionally, the corporation supported the team, gave it courage, confidence and an opportunity to demonstrate its qualities.

Therefore, with surprise, anxiety and resentment, we accept the open letter that the team distributed on Facebook. We remain, of course, hoping that the problem will be solved so as not to erase everything we have achieved so far.

We publish the letter without editorial intervention.


"Open letter from the national beach soccer team of Bulgaria:

To the Minister of Sport Mr. Krasen Kralev

To the President of BFS Mr. Borislav Mikhailov

To the sports community of Bulgaria

The national beach soccer team will not take part in the Euro League Finals, although it has won this right with strong play and high results!

The lack of funds is a reason to get to this unprecedented situation - the national beach soccer team refusing to participate in the finals of the qualifying race after playing in the first qualifying rounds of the tournament. According to the information we have received, the amount of funds for participation in the Portugal finals are beyond the budget of the BFU.

In the spring, when the calendar for 2019 was being made, we were informed by the Amateur Football League that we would only participate in the Euroleague, as there are no funds for the other two strong tournaments for the year - World Cup qualifiers and the World Beach games. They assured us that if we qualify for the Euroleague finals, we will participate in them.

We hope that a solution can be found to protect the right earned on the field to be among the best teams in Europe! Something that has happened to very few national football teams in Bulgaria in recent years.

We believe that the efforts of everyone involved in reaching the final phase of the tournament will not prove to be futile!

The tournament is attended by a total of 28 teams from Europe, divided into two divisions according to the odds and ranking of the previous year. Bulgaria is in Division B, where there are a total of 16 teams, which after the draw were divided into 4 groups of 4 teams. The regulation provided for the winners in each group and the three best second teams, plus the last of Division A, to participate in the final round, which would determine the team to play in the elite group next year.

Between July 5 and 7, Bulgaria played its preliminary Group 1 meetings, recording two wins over Norway by 5-1 and Denmark by 4: 3 and a loss to Georgia by 3: 4. In August 16-18, the other three groups played, after which the final standings were drawn up and the teams of Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Georgia, Romania, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria won quotas for the final tournament. The teams of Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, England, Netherlands, Denmark, Serbia and Moldova dropped out of the race.

Last year, Bulgaria won the first cup in beach football after winning consecutively in the tournament the teams of Andorra by 10-1, the Czech Republic by 6-3 and Norway by 5-3. At the final stage, Bulgaria reached the third place in the final standings for the division and 15th overall in all countries in Europe after losing to Romania and defeating the teams of Norway and England.

The Division B finals are ranked third in a row and fourth overall for Bulgaria after just six tournament appearances.

We hope that we will find the means to defend the honor of our native sport, to have the opportunity to go and fight for the positions we have gained in time, and to be given the opportunity to realize the work we have been doing for a long time in sports.

The biggest loss for an athlete is to take away his or her right earned on the sports field!

With respect,

Bulgaria's national beach soccer team, which has won the right to play in the 2019 Euro League Finals. "

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