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"The new barbarians and their godfather"

"The new barbarians and their godfather"


Published: 2001
Pages: 48

In the past, the barbarians are young blood flowed in the veins of the Roman Empire and other later empires. Do not perceived as symbols of vitality and renewal? Success in the country of "Victory" - tour of the new barbarians, confirms it. Among the debris of the West and the ruins of ancient civilizations come the new barbarians, so Slavi Trifonov justify their performance. It remains, however, the reader decide not it Alexander Tomov little barbarian, though barbarian admitted to power, despite efforts to be represented as a knight protecting certain values. And another thing - how knights and barbarians who lived in different times today are showing up in our reality. How well "knights" and begin where the "barbarians". The one where overflow in the other, what will come of this ... Is it true that the postpone of the controversy on "new barbarians" will not discolour. We also hope that a long writing will continue to be read with interest.

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