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"Kingdom and suffering of Bulgarians"

"Kingdom and suffering of Bulgarians"

Author: Dimitar Delian
Published: 2005
Pages: 316

"For more than a century of Christianization 864 to the conquest of East Bulgaria 971 our nation experienced one of the most dramatic periods in its history. In his book writer Dimitar Delian served us a magnificent artistic interpretation of an otherwise little dryly, sometimes contradictory and often tendentious information sources. Achieved is completely authentic sound in speech and spirit of the age, in which we perceive the images of historical and the artistic created characters.

Leafing through the pages of this book, the reader will feel the spirit of a very remote from us time, but will notice with surprise how little has changed human spirit, especially in situations of rise and decline of a society and the state. "

Dr. Georgi Bakalov

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